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Johan Eriksson
Head of Specialists @ Google
Johan Eriksson is a leader and serial entrepreneur with broad experience from different industries and a base as an engineer. Today he is part of Google’s management team in Sweden, leading all specialists in digitalization, from analytics to automation. He is also engaged in multiple startups. To name a few he has founded a digital healthcare innovation hub with investment firm Investor, he is an investor and advisory board member of US based logistics company Friendsend, and he owns the company Amelie AB that aims to provide lifelong learning experiences for everyone. Johan is nominated "Speaker of the year" this year via speaker agency Talarforum. He has summarized some of his digitalization learnings in the newly released book Marketing goes Digital. Johan’s personal mission is to inspire people and organizations to think bigger of themselves so we can create a better world faster.
Anne Årneby
CEO @ Nordic Morning
Anne Årneby has more than twenty years of documented experience in Strategic Brand & Business Development in leading positions, and holds an MBA from the University of Linköping. She recently started her position as group CEO of Nordic Morning. Before that Anne worked as Chief Marketing Officer at Europe’s leading data & analytics company Bisnode, driving “pioneering Smart Data to enable customers to make Smart Decisions”. Prior to Bisnode, Anne was CEO of the strategic branding agency Rewir. Anne has also been a member of the Board of Directors at Nordic Morning since 2015. When Anne is not working, she´s passionate about travelling the world and experience new cultures and people.
Sven Törnkvist
Head of Digital Business Development @ EQT
Sven Törnkvist works at EQT as Head of Digital Business Development, where he focuses on digital transformation with EQT fund’s portfolio companies. Sven most recently held a position as VP of Digital Development at Ericsson. Prior to that, Sven headed sales at Google Sweden for seven years and before that, he was CEO of Cosmos, subsidiary of employer branding- and youth media house Universum. Sven has 15 years of experience working with digitalization, marketing and sales across several industries. Sven holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics.
Jukka Sundquist
Managing Director @ Klikkicom Oy, Finland
Jukka started his digital marketing career in 2003 with Findexa, which is now part of the Finnish Fonecta Group. In 2005, Sundquist joined Klikkicom Oy. He has worked in different areas in the company, including sales, business development and team management. He has extensive experience in performance marketing as well as search engine and conversion optimization. Jukka has an active role at IAB Finland; Board member, Chairman of Programmatic Buying Taskforce, and Member of Private Policy and Data Protection Taskforce. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from James Madison University, USA. He has also studied international management at the University of Vaasa.
Scott Roemermann
Head of Owned Media @ KliKKi
Scott Roemermann’s first foray into SEO was in the 90s and he has been full-time in the industry since 2004. As the Head of Owned Media at KliKKi, Scott is responsible for the development of the Owned Media and SEO offering in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. He has a track record of producing strong results for his clients by staying abreast of and implementing industry best practices as well as his own innovations and industry leadership.
Karolina Sjödahl
Strategy Director @ KliKKi
Karolina Sjödahl has more than a decade of experience in lead roles within marketing and is highly experienced in increasing ROI on marketing activities within both online and offline channels. She is working with the full portfolio of KliKKi and the Nordic Morning group products and services. Karolina is part of the management group and head of 3 cross-functional teams. The strategy team, the analytics team and the marketing technology team. Karolina proactively leads and collaborates to determine in-depth insight about the consumer's attitude and behaviors, recommended channel strategies to reach them, and touchpoint communication planning, making our clients' marketing initiatives more successful through leadership at all levels of the strategic process. She has a double degree from Lund University; Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor in Work & Leadership Psychology.
Martin Garbarczyk
Co-Founder @ Relatable
Martin Garbarczyk is one of the founders of Stockholm-based marketing agency Relatable. After spending a couple of years in New York and working with many of the world's largest advertisers and agencies he moved back to his beloved hometown of Stockholm last year. Relatable are specialized in designing and creating large scale "word of mouth" marketing with the most creative people around the world.They help and advise global brands to scale the brand ambassador - and influencer marketing efforts using a combo of domain expertise and their own technology.Clients include Adobe, Google, Spotify, The Absolut Company, Uber, Samsung, Lego and Xbox to name a few.
Carl Wåreus
Head of Agency @ Google
Carl Wåreus is marketer with long experience in the Swedish media and marketing landscape. He was CMO of McDonald's Sweden during the 90th, when the company grew to the highest number of McDonald’s restaurant per capita in Europe, and earned the dominant position in the market that it still has today. He started OMD & Omnicom Media Group Sweden during the 2000th, a media agency network that grew from very small to being the 2nd largest media agency group today. Latest he has been CEO of StillerStudios, one of the worlds most most technically advanced film&video production studios. Today he is heading up the Agency sales at Google, which also includes developing YouTube and its sales. Carls mission is to make all marketing relevant to its users - always.
Sandra Mellqvist
Owned Media Consultant @ KliKKi
Sandra’s love for web started over 15 years ago with a blog when no one knew what a blog was. After acquiring an Bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Science in 2009 and surviving a year in Australia, she returned to Stockholm to start a career within content and web. She worked as a webmaster and was responsible for content, both for the website and the social media channels. Sandra joined KliKKi in 2013 and is using her love for order and structure to plan and structure content for both users and robots. In her spare time she likes to lift heavy things and bake sweet things. They might be correlated.
Johanna Nurmi
Owned Media Consultant @ KliKKi
Johanna Nurmi is a young and positive digital marketing professional. She joined KliKKi in 2016 after graduating with a Master in Strategic Marketing Management from Uppsala University. She comes from Finland, loves to relax in a sauna and to discover the world at every chance she gets. Johanna plays a key role in the innovation projects at KliKKi, focusing on developing creative campaigns which serves both the target audience and the algorithm. Johanna’s passion is to provide creative solutions based on solid facts, and to show the real difference when marketing is done right.
Sebastian Grabne
Senior Owned Media Consultant @ KliKKi
Sebastian Grabne has 7+ years of experience in visibility and content strategy. He has always been interested in what makes good content, actually good. His colleagues describe him as fearless, inspirational and a person who can get anything done. Within six months of starting his position as Owned Media Consultant at KliKKi he became not only a Senior Consultant, but also a team lead. Sebastian is an expert when it comes to explaining really complicated stuff in an easy way so that everyone can understand it, which can come in handy in this industry.
Carl Franzon
Digital Marketing Strategist @ KliKKi
Carl Franzon has an extensive background within both digital marketing as well as web development. With the rise of tech within marketing, this has given him a unique edge in understanding how everything fits together. He dislikes the term ”digital transformation”, and has made it his mission to concretize strategies into actionable insights that drive real change. Carl previously worked as Nordic Digital Manager at Atea, and is now helping some of the largest accounts at KliKKi developing next-level strategies for their digital marketing.
Johan Jönsson
Senior Marketing Technologist @ KliKKi
Johan Jönsson has more than 15 years of experience developing for the web, starting his first website at age 11. Before joining KliKKi in 2016 he ran his own company for ten years helping clients develop and market their businesses online. Over the years, he gained the broad knowledge of everything from PHP-development, via Google Analytics, to optimization of Facebook ads. He now uses his knowledge to head up the development and integration of new systems and tools at KliKKi.
Patrik Nilsson
Marketing Technology Strategist @ KliKKi
Patrik Nilsson has 6+ years of experience within Online Marketing, specializing in MarTech, attribution modelling & Performance Marketing. Before joining KliKKi in 2016 he worked as Head of Performance at GroupM company Quisma, helping clients understand how to value online traffic & setting KPIs. He utilizes his knowledge in refining the MarTech setup & implementing marketing strategies with the goal to break down walled gardens.
Dennis Guldstrand
Senior Consultant Paid Media @ KliKKi
Dennis Guldstrand has over seven years of experience from online marketing - specialised in lead generation strategy and driving online sales. He was a forerunner of attribution modelling, performance-driven content marketing, and analytics during his time as Product Marketing Manager for the API-sector at SmartBear in Boston. He has a track-record of helping some of the largest brands in Sweden achieve successful omni-channel marketing from the paid perspective.
Johan Kesselmark
Paid Media Consultant @ KliKKi
During his 6+ years of experience in Marketing and Sales, Johan Kesselmark has been specializing in transforming one-to-many marketing to one-to-few with innovative segmentation and audience-centric communication in Social Media. Before joining KliKKi in 2015, he worked as a Social Media Community Manager for various Brands in the Entertainment Industry and as Digital Marketing and Sales Strategist where he was a strong runner in the transformation from traditional to digital media buying.

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